Web & App Design
The websites and apps associated with your brand need to reflect the core values and principles of your organization, and deliver a user-first experience for customers that gives them a reason to come back and dive deeper. Web and app design is a constantly changing landscape, and the ability to effortlessly adapt to these changes and pivot at a moment’s notice is crucial to the success of your brand’s digital presence.

Tate Group has a highly experienced team of professional in-house web designers and app developers who are capable of seamlessly guiding you through these industry changes without affecting your company’s ability to serve its customers. Our team can take on design and development jobs of any size or scope, focusing on creating visually pleasing and responsive experiences that will resonate with users and properly reflect your brand’s image.

Social Media Management
Your brand’s social media presence helps you reach new audiences, establishing a brand image through innovative and compelling content, and creating lifelong customers and followers. Tate Group will design and implement high performing social media marketing campaign management that gets your brand noticed and recognized by customers.